Did you know?-Glitch deals

Did you know?

We refer to “deals” “scores” “wins” or whatever you want to call them in various ways.
However, when a Deal is referred to as a glitch, it is just that, A Glitch! Not meant to be, an error. This is usually caught, but sometimes you luck out and it is caught AFTER you get your item.

Over the years, I have gotten a ton of glitch deals, and I have gotten even more canceled.. Here is my experience with various store/sellers/ect.

Amazon – 80% Money Refunded and a sorry letter
Walmart – Good Chance of getting your order, Depends on the item!
Kohls – Good chance of getting your order
Target – Good chance of getting your order
BestBuy – 99% Money refunded and a sorry letter
Costco – 99% Money refunded and an offer at a lower than usual, but still higher price.
Sams Club – 50/50.. Seems it depends on who you deal with.
Shoes . com – Low chance of order completion, but they offer sub
Ebay – 99.9% Refund without any communication!
Rakuten (buy . com) – Low but fair chance at getting your order.

I hope this helps you in the future!

prices and promotions can expire or change at any time.*

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